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Sportlyzer team management and player development software
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Software für Trainer

Covers all main areas

Team management software

Team management

Register and manage your players, share schedules, handle contacts, communication and invoicing.

Player management software

Player development

Plan, measure and analyze your players’ training, test results and progress.

Verwaltungs-Software für Sportmannschaft

Connects everyone 24/7

Work together with coaches and managers. Share info to players and parents.

All-in-one solution

Membership management
Player development

Membership management

Register and manage players, parents, contacts. Collaborate with colleagues. Everything is reachable 24/7.

Send invoices and track payments

Prepare and send invoices to players within minutes. Track payments by importing your bank statement. Collect 100% of fees by sending additional reminders to debtors.

Kalender, Zusagen, Anwesenheit

Easily create schedules and share them with players, parents or on your website. Ask players to RSVP and mark attendance afterwards.


Share team information on your website: schedules, membership registration forms, coaches’ bios, etc. Or use our free club profile if you don’t have a club website.

Send SMS / email / notifications

Reach your players and parents with custom messages or send app-related notifications: report cards, RSVP requests, invoices, payment reminders, etc.

Mobile apps for everyone

Coaches, managers, players and parents can find everything related to them in their dedicated mobile apps.

Detailed training planning

Create season plans with cycles and volume projection. Go in depth with daily and weekly planning.

Zusagen und Anwesenheit

See who’s coming, so coaches could prepare matches and sessions better. Track who participated, so managers and parents could have a good overview.

Player evaluations and testing

Track anything that is important for your players' age, be it objective, subjective, physical, or non-physical. Get a good overview of entered results.

Send report cards to parents

Educate parents about sports and your club culture while letting them know how their kids are progressing.

Analyze player progress

See where your players excel or why they’re not performing well in other situations. Avoid overtraining and injuries.

Automated training history and advanced training diary

Youth players’ training history is created automatically from schedules and attendance reports. Advanced players can sync their heart rate monitors or manually log and analyze training.

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Taavi Tüvist

Cheftrainer im Fußballclub Raplamaa

Sportlyzer hat viele nervige Aufgaben einfach übernommen. Endlich haben wir einen klaren Überblick über unsere Mitglieder und Finanzen.

Michael Chandler

Manager & Co-Founder at Master Football Academy – Taiwan

We haven’t looked back since discovering Sportlyzer in early 2016. They have catered the majority of our needs in a single and affordable system, and have reduced (in some areas eliminated) the need of us spending hours on Excel.

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