All the athletes in one centralized database

How can something so simple be so hard to achieve? All you want is a list of all the members in your club including their names, birthdates, guardian names, contacts, etc. Sounds like Excel is good enough for the job, except as soon as you want to share this file with your coaches, all you get is a headache. The information is never complete and your coaches continue to complain that the parents’ email addresses don’t work.

Sportlyzer has you and your coaches covered. Handle all your current and previous athletes, contacts, and club information in one place. The athletes’ database is accessible 24/7 on web or on your mobile devices. It’s a secure and easy way to manage club members with some special features to help keep information up to date.

Athletes profiles

Athletes profiles include all the details that are important to you: personal data, contacts, emergency contacts, notes, health information, etc. You can import athletes from Excel and easily organize them into training groups. Training groups make it easier for coaches to share their schedule with the athletes.

Contacts always updated

Don’t waste time searching the outdated contact list file on Drive or Dropbox.You will always have access to the latest contact information of you athletes and their parents. They can update their data whenever necessary without even registering on Sportlyzer.

Membership application form

Embed our special widget on your website and have athletes enter their information. You can have forms specifically customized to your club’s needs. After athlete fills it out and hits send, it will be instantly synced to your Sportlyzer account waiting for your acceptance. When you accept, the athlete will automatically have a pre-filled profile in your club.

Manager and coach rights

Sportlyzer allows different configurations to manage the amount of data coaches can access, so decide yourself if your coaches have access to only their own training groups or all athletes in the club.

Access via mobile

Coaches can add new athletes, view profiles and change athletes’ contact information directly from their mobile. These changes will be automatically synced with other coaches and manager(s) of your club. Same thing happens when any of the other coaches change someone’s data.

Free and paid plans available. No credit card required at signup.

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