The only team calendar you will ever need

It’s a central calendar which means whenever you create or edit a calendar event in one place, everybody will get the update. Sportlyzer shares the calendar information with many different channels, making sure that everyone has access to the most up to date information. If you use the calendar with your club and one of the coaches makes some changes in the calendar on his phone, everyone will be able to see the changes. It's a really powerful collaboration tool for club managers, coaches, athletes and parents.

How often do you find yourself answering to parents when and where the next competition takes place? How long does it take for your team to remember changes in the training schedule? We did it way too many times and thought that there’s got to be a better solution. But what would it be? Is putting schedules up on your club homepage enough? What about emailing? A mail client calendar? Do you really have to post the weekly training schedule on Facebook groups every week, 52 times a year? Seriously?

Import games and competitions from Excel

You can import all your games and competitions from one Excel file at once and upload them to Sportlyzer in just a couple of minutes.

Recurring workouts

Set up one-time or recurring events and training plans with a few clicks. For example, you can easily extend your weekly or monthly schedules depending on the length of the current training cycle, and make small changes afterwards.

Share events via email

Athletes will receive their weekly schedule, including events and competitions to their email if you allow Sportlyzer to send out these emails automatically. Recipients can add the events directly from the email to their personal Google Calendar.

Show games schedule on your website

If you’re using Sportlyzer with your club, you can use the Calendar website widget to put your club calendar up on your club’s website. That way all parents and your club’s fans & friends will also know when to arrive to cheer on the stadium.

Check athletes’ availability and mark attendance on different devices

This is a calendar which is accessible at all times and from every device (web, iOS, Android). Check in advance who’s coming to practice today and mark their attendance afterwards.

Assign and track athletes' homework

Assign homework for your athletes by including instructions, sets-reps, links to example videos, etc. Athletes will see everything via their mobile app and once the homework is finished, can mark the job as done and give feedback to coaches. Coaches then review finished homework and assign new, as needed.

Free and paid plans available. No credit card required at signup.

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