Mark attendance on your phone in seconds

Track athletes’ attendance directly from your phone or tablet. And no need to worry about attendance reports afterwards – data is automatically shared to club managers (requires Club Package) or can be exported for any reporting matters.

Everybody has their own reasons for marking attendance. For some, it’s to count how often their athletes show up. Others keep a track record of how much someone has played or who hasn’t played at all. Some coaches need to report attendance to the parents or club managers, others just like to keep score.

Whatever your reason is, we keep things simple for you - take out your smartphone, check some boxes, put it back into your pocket and get back to coaching!

Marking attendance offline

Coaches can easily mark attendance using their smartphone or web application. When using the Coach Diary App, the phone does not have to be online and the attendance records are uploaded automatically once the phone reconnects to the Internet later. This means you can use the app at training facilities with poor network coverage.

All coaches and managers of the club can mark attendance for all workouts. This means, that one coach can easily mark attendance for another coach if the other cannot attend the workout himself. Attendance can be marked for all members of the group of the workout or any other athlete of the club.

Get attendance reports afterwards

Attendance reports can be reviewed or downloaded later on the web. The Coach Diary App also shows attendance reports for all members in case a parent approaches a coach during the training and asks about that.

Free and paid plans available. No credit card required at signup.

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