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Today, most people own a smartphone. There are hundreds of apps online, which can help coaches use a stopwatch, or send short messages through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. But have you thought about how awesome it would be to have an app that helps you manage your team from your smartphone? Here’s how to do it with Sportlyzer Coach Diary.

Step 1: Athlete’s contacts

First, we have taken your list you keep about all your athletes or their parents and put it into one athlete database. This way, the list is automatically updated through your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can also share the list with other coaches in your club making it a super database of athletes and club member.

Step 2: Training schedule

The next step was to send all your athletes and training groups their training schedule - automatically! You create or edit a workout using the mobile app and everybody will automatically be able to see it.

Step 3: Player availability and attendance records

So now that you have your athletes in one place and you’ve shared their training schedule with them, next thing you want to do is know who is coming to your next practice or game. Consider it done. Our app automatically sends a personal training schedule to each player and asks them to let you know when they are coming. Your players don’t have to login or register anywhere to access their schedule.

Now you can solely focus on your coaching. Finish your work by marking attendance for those who showed up using the Coach Diary App, which automatically links the attendance records to all athletes and training groups. Later you can automatically download attendance reports as a simple Excel file.

Simple, right? So, download the app and start doing your everyday tasks with an ease and with less time!

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