Take your schedule and registration form to your website

Website widgets are bits and pieces of Sportlyzer software that can be embedded on your website or on your club profile. If any changes are made on Sportlyzer, they get updated instantly.

Calendar widget

The training schedules for your groups. Can be shared so that athletes and parents would have a good overview of when the sessions take place.

Online membership registration widget

Athletes can easily join your club using an online membership application which instantly sends all membership data to your club managers.

Training groups widget

Promotional purpose. Newcomers can see what groups are present in your club, what are the sports, age groups, etc.

Coaches widget

Who are your coaches, what is their experience, what are their achievements, etc. This highlights club’s value to newcomers.

Login widget

An easy access to Sportlyzer for all your club staff and athletes.

Free and paid plans available. No credit card required at signup.

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