Athletes and parents can easily RSVP to all future events

The Availability feature collects feedback from your athletes about who’s coming and who’s not prior each practice or game, so you could be prepared for the session or the big game.

What do you do with players, who constantly come late or don’t show up at all? Wouldn’t it be nice to know in advance how many players are coming and when it’s worth waiting the extra 3 minutes for the last one to arrive? We think it would help a lot to know this in advance and that’s why we have built this feature so that future coaches don’t need to hear annoying excuses why some players weren’t able to show up on time.

Athletes don’t need to sign up

Unlike other similar platforms, Sportlyzer does not require athletes and parents to register in order to mark their availability for the next sessions. Instead Sportlyzer creates a unique link for each athlete, which can be used for this. Coach or manager has send the links only once to athletes and their parents. Every time they visit this link, they will be able to see their upcoming schedule and mark if they are coming to the event or not. This information is automatically sent to the coaches, who can check this information online or using the Coach Diary mobile app for Android and iOS.

Planning your activities accordingly

Availability function is especially important for team activities, which need a minimum amount of people to participate or for coaches, who need to plan differently according to the number of athletes coming. Athletes don’t need to login or register at Sportlyzer to let you know if they can or can’t participate.

Free and paid plans available. No credit card required at signup.

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